Farmer’s Markets Vs. Local Grocery Stores


Buying groceries is either a burden because of the work or a highlight of the day because it means there is food in the house. Majority of people who buy their groceries go to their local supermarket and purchase their food there. There is an alternative to buying at your local grocery store and it may be even more beneficial for the consumers. Buying at your local farmers market is the current uprising for buyers as studies have shown it being a slight advantage in multiple aspects compared to the grocery store.

How are we going to encourage buyers to go the extra mile to buy from a local market? Some consumers are willing to purchase their groceries online and have it delivered to them in the comfort of their own home. Studies have shown that 25% of shoppers currently buy their groceries online. This percentage will most likely grow if people continue their lives on the path we currently are, heavily based on technology.

One benefit is that on average produce are the same price at both supermarkets and farmers markets making the purchasing aspect of food not too daunting at either location. As for organic products, farmers markets tend to be cheaper and a healthier option. Produce from Farmer’s markets are raised without hormones or antibiotics, lived off a natural diet, and have not been placed in awful living conditions like factory farms. They also do not pick the foods too prematurely. Foods from grocery stores are picked anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks before they are ripe, and then stored in cold storages after being drenched in chemicals.

Local farmers markets is a sustainable way to buy and consume food that has been produced closer to your home. If more people shopped at markets more than at super markets the demand would be able to be met by the local farmers and in turn would supply them with more work and money to continue and grow their businesses. Buying from the big chain grocery stores does provide many people with jobs, but it does not support the local farmers that are around, and in turn supports corporations that are already making a large amount of money.

Organic products from some farmers markets are heathier than grocery stores because the products are grown with no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Products with GMOs are unhealthy because they are toxic, decrease the nutritional value, and reduce the effects of antibiotics. It is also guaranteed that the foods bought from farmers markets are picked or prepared when they are ripe and at their prime time to be consumed.

In the game Triple Bottom Line experience, you could choose to put groceries or farmer markets. Typically farms are cheap to deploy but don’t hold all the benefits of a GM farm which don’t grow their crops with GMO, these farms more expensive to deploy but overall are great for the people, environment and economy. A regular farm only produces so little food for the community, that’s where the grocery store trumps the farm. A grocery store does provide more profit and employment for the community compared to the farmer’s market. Therefore when deploying different food distributers, you need to take into account the current structure of your city and deploy whatever distributer whether it’s employment, health, etc. Which often leads to grocery stores being put in more common than farmers markets.

Many people are not aware of the chemicals and other unnatural organisms that may be within their everyday foods. Although there will always be people that prefer to buy their groceries from the larger supermarkets, buying from local farmers markets are a healthier and more sustainable way to purchase and consume food.





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